Kadavu is amazing but remote

I met a guy that ask me to help him get to Kadavu because I knew Fiji. I did not mind trying to make the trip because I had not been off the main island where Suva and Nadi are. It would be fun and I knew that Kadavu was a wild place. The US and Australia were just there arresting people for drugs. I knew it was the wild west of Fiji. The very first person I met when I got off the ferry was the local weed guy!

Kadavu is basically undeveloped and all the resorts have set up everything they need on their own. It creates a challenge and because of it, the prices are inflated so they make a profit.

My experience in Kadavu

I came in from Nadi and found the shipping company that has the ferry. It is past the Coca Cola factory and down a side street. They name is Vuna Shipping. According to the tourism department, the current phone number is (679) 339-5000. The ferry is very old. Be forewarned.

The main town of Vunisea is more like an over grown village but it is the only option. There is not even a legit grocer there. The Post Office doubles as the supermarket for basic things. However, Vunisea is the end of the road for civilization in Kaduva.

I went on Kavala Bay. Bad move

I went on north to a place called Kavala Bay. It is more a landing with only the little one room Post Office here. There is literally nothing there; not even a village. All the resorts were trying to get us for their $200 rooms. Finally, a guy that was there to pick up fuel had pity and we camped out like Boy Scouts on his closed down resorts. It used to be called Albert’s Place in Kadavu.

It was a little too rough for me and I am sure the resorts there are amazing. I just can’t blow $200 Fijian a night on them. I am not a diver or on my honeymoon.

I just wanted to give you a realistic view of Kadavu. I found another ferry the next day and came back to Suva.

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