Knob Noster State Park is great for Saturday hikes.

In the shadows of Whiteman Air Force Base and the Missouri State Fair is Knob Noster State Park. It all honestly one of the best parks in the system in the state.

Back in the 1930’s, the federal government became concerned with lands that had been cleared for lumber and wanted to reforest the land. One of these areas was known as Montserrat National Recreational Demonstration Area that later became known as Knob Noster State Park.

It was believed to be “beautiful prairies, dotted with clumps of trees” by one Confederate scout and thousands of visitors every year tend to agree with him. The reason for this is one side of the park is praise grass and the other side is a native forest. It is part of the Osage Plains officially.

Because of this, it is common to see a lot of wild life running free in the woods include woodpeckers and deer. Hunters, leave the bows at home because it is a crime to hunt in Missouri’s State Parks.

One thing that visitors do find is that because the state park is hilly, it is good for hiking and exploring. It is very common to find multiple boy scout trips there at any given time, for example.