Lambert’s Cafe: home of the thrown rolls

One of the most popular places to eat in the Midwest is called Lambert’s Cafe and there is only three of them. I have been lucky to have eaten at all of them. Two are in Missouri and one is in Alabama.

If you are thinking this sounds like a place for redneck, you are right. However, you must be forgetting that redneck makes some of the best cooks around. Country food that is fresh from the farm to the kitchen is downright amazing.

However, what makes Lambert’s Cafe so popular is the thrown roll culture they have build. It is something that people talk about far and wide.

What is this thrown roll thing?

The concept is they will throw you a roll, literally. There is a guy walking around the dining area with a box of rolls and whenever someone yells for a roll, he throws it to them no matter where they are.

The idea behind this is wait until he is as far away from you as possible before yelling for one to delivered. If he miss and hits someone in the head, that is the fun part of the culture. Everyone laughs and he tries again.

As far the rolls, they are really good and only Texas Roadhouse is in their league for quality. I personally like these over the Roadhouse but both are quite good.

How to find Lambert’s Cafe

The original one is just south of St. Louis is in Sikeston. You can find it at 2305 E. Malone. It is basically open every day of the year beside Christmas.

The one in Ozark, Missouri is the one I have been to the most and it is right next to James River Church. The address is 1800 W. State Hwy J. The one in Foley, AL is at 2981 S. McKenzie.

Expect to pay around $25 for a good meal at the restaurants. I have rarely got out of there for less than that.