Last Kodiak 3.0

Last Kodiak started as just a project to help people with survival skills. It would become the home of a lot of travel notes from the Asia Pacific. Now, it is developing and involving once again.

From 2012-2018; I traveled all over the Asia Pacific region going to some pretty remote places like Samoa and Cuyo Islands in the Philippines. After returning to the United States, I planned to do the same things in an American context.

The idea was to help people understand how to see the world on a budget. It was a noble project that still helps a lot of people. The viewership is growing every day and the website is profitable.

Common sense would tell me to keep it going “as usual” without making any radical changes based on economical reasons. It could really grow into something very lucrative would be the logical thought process.

After all, articles like my open letter to Hawaiian Airlines still get hundreds of views every day. The story about how to ship goods using Amtrak also does quite well. Building on that success would be the reasonable action. Right?

The truth is that as I get older and take a look at life, I don’t think just traveling the world on a budget is probably what is next for me in life. As such, I want to have Last Kodiak move with what is happening. After all, I am the Last Kodiak.

Taken downtown Dallas using Sony A5000.

Transition to Photography

One of my passions is photography. I love to think about how to create images. I do not want to take pictures but create images. This has been a passing hobby of mine since I was a kid. It is also a way that I cope with a disability.

I was going to start a whole new blog called HDR Daily where I posted a new picture that I created using HDR techniques every day. As I worked on it and left the change happening to this website, I felt that migrating towards photography as Last Kodiak would be the smartest move.

There was really two reasons for this: the property is established and I did not want to box myself into one medium of photography. (I want to get into fine art photography soon!)

Much of the concepts of travel photography will remain the same. I will just add new content and some tutorials. I believe that it will be more of a help than just having a travel blog by itself. It will only grow from here.

Tam Am Rice Terrance in the Philippines with Sony Nex 5

What about the travel articles?

They will remain in place and they will still be updated as I am informed about changes related to them. I just won’t be adding new ones as my focus will not be traveling anywhere as close I have been.

I am amazed how many people find these articles useful and to just pull them off the internet just wouldn’t make sense. They can also serve as a backdrop for future articles about photography as well.

If I do find myself traveling to a new place for something else, I will try and write a new article about the place! It is amazing how much I can learn quickly just from the intuition gained from international travels.

Sign over the City Market in Kansas City. Taken with Nikon D7000.

What is next for Last Kodiak?

Well, I am not sure yet. I know I want to do some tutorial on editing and that will be there. I also would like to teach some things I have learned along the way too. Besides that, it is all up in the air.

I would like to try and do some tours or one on one work with people on a case by case basis. Learning a editing seminar on programs I use could be amazing to pull off as well.

We will see what works out in the next season for the Last Kodiak.