Why I left Media Temple or why Media Temple sucks! ;)

I was told to try Media Temple as they are really good to use. I tried them out for a month and I am actually sorry that I gave them the opportunity to prove to me that Host Gator is not the only hosting company going to crap in 2017. 

It is becoming hard to suggest a hosting company that is cheaper than WP Engine (that we passionately recommend for business) but Media Temple will not ever be in the list. It was that bad of an experience. I realize it might have been better before they were bought out by GoDaddy, the world’s worst hosting provider.

If it matters, I had the Personal Account that came with 100 sites (not sure how a person could have 100 websites!), 20GB of space, 1TB bandwidth, and 1,000 email addresses. I was going to get the Managed Wordpess Hosting option (which was for 250,000 views) but they told that it will only allow up to 65 views at a given time. That is not what managed WordPress is like with WP Engine or Pressable.

Three reasons that I can’t suggest Media Temple

The first one right off would be the support. It is really true that it downright sucks. I had heard other bloggers say this but I didn’t realize just how bad it was. Every chat seemed to end with a link to a tutorial and basically, “I hope you figure it out and don’t screw it up too bad.”

The second reason is their backend is not user friendly. I am not joking when I say you have to do everything on your own and it has to be loaded using a FTP client such as CoreFTP. I do not understand if they can’t put one together, they don’t just use cPanel that is an industry standard. Bottom line is the admin panel they have is far from user friendly.

The third reason is security measures. I was getting a lot of traffic on Azusa Report and they turn off my account and would not turn it back on for over 24 hours for little to no reason. I was not happy with Media Temple about this and they just said “it was using a lot of resources.”

While each of these could be talked about in detail, I think it is safe to say paying a premium price ($20 is not the cheapest in the market) to have no support, a crappy backend and having traffic get your website turned out is not what most people want from Media Temple.

I was surprised just how bad it was considering that I was paying more money than I did at say Host gator or Blue Host. I am not saying that it is a lot of money than it does raise the expectations of services offered.

Comparing them with Host Gator, I have to say that the guys over at HG were 10 times better than what I experienced in the support chat I had over the last month.

What I am doing for Hosting at this point?

I have broken up the projects between WP Engine and Pressable. I am trying out the hosting company out of Michigan right now (reviews will come). I would love to host all my website on WP Engine but just can’t do it financially right now. I would have to pay over $250 a month. Wish I could pull that off.

So what I have done is hosted Azusa Report and Last Kodiak with WP Engine and the rest of my websites that are not as important are hosting on an account with Pressable. It works for me and keep the cost down.

While it is not perfect, it does work for us.



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  1. Jan Deruiter
    Jan Deruiter says:

    MediaTemple has become awful indeed. Started out like a normal company and i loved their cpanel-like interface for Administering services. But it has been an awful slide ever since Godaddy bough them. My sites are crawling now because they overloaded their servers and they will not move me to another server. After 10 years (more?) i am now migrating to a smaller ISP. Ugh.

    Run, don’t walk to ANY host but MT !


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