Living in Fiji is interesting*

I am not about to write an article trying to “sell you on living in Fiji.” It is full of challenges and let downs just as much as it has some perks and benefits. Any country with political instability, high poverty level, and a populace that denies the first two problems is a challenge to build a life in.

This might be a dose of reality but most things in Fiji more very slow (if ever) and you will find that getting things done is not near as easy as it is in the United States. Sadly, some times, paying of bribes is the only way to get what you need done. Just a reality in Fiji.

However, there is some perks too. It is not all bad 🙂

What are the perks of living in Fiji?

For one, there is no winter. You are living on a tropic island. It means alot of rain but there is no snow! If you are from Midwest, you want to forget those bitter Missouri winters. Snow is much funnier to watch on television.

The cost of living is much lower than living in Hawaii. This is a big one for many. Fiji is a poor man’s Hawaii. You could have a pretty nice life on $1,000 USD a month. $1,500 would be a great life, especially if you are single.

The Fijian people are very friendly. A study claims they are the friendliest people in the country. I am not sure about that but they are very hospitable people for the most part. They normally live with their arms wide open.

Frank BainimaramaWhat are the issues of living there?

The government is a mess. They rule with an iron fist and the Prime Minister thinks he does no wrong. Frank Bainimarama is in the circle of most problems in the country. Enough said.

The laws change rapidly as well. This is a problem because if they make a law that forces you to leave the country, you have little to no say in the matter. It is hard to build a life where legal status changes so often.

With that said, civil liberties are not that strong in Fiji. Free speech and free assembly just are not practiced. In the few cases that people have tried, they end up beated by the police and military later. That is concerning.

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