Taking the local bus in Nadi (Fiji)

If you are in Nadi, there is a very good chance that you will take the local bus around to where you are going. Backpackers tend to use local transport alot, after all.

In the middle of Nadi Town is the bus station next to the Nadi Market. It is basically a stop where people get on the bus going to Suva and there is a few local buses. One of them going to New Town where Bamboo Beach Hostel and Horizon Beach Backpackers is located. The others go back the airport toward Lautoka.

There is also minivans that are on the main road in Nadi town running to Lautoka. The cost is basically $2 FJD no matter how far you are going. They also run around the clock.

How does the local bus in Nadi work?

If you are downtown, you just wait for the bus, get on, pay the driver your fare, sit down, and pray the bus doesn’t break down. Pretty simple.

If you are going to New Town, there is about three bus a day. ($1.15 FJD) From the Nadi to Lautoka, the bus seems to run about every hour until six or seven. The fare for that is about $2.40 FJD. If your trip is just to the airport, it is only seventy cents.  Yes, the local bus will let you out across the street from Nadi International Airport. That is handy.

One thing that I find interesting is the bus in Fiji seems to spend more on making sure the bus has an amazing stereo system than it does making sure the transmission actually work. It might be putting the cart before the horse but that is how things go in Fiji.

Here is a bus driver dancing while driving in Fiji. Only in Fiji. Yes, they did slap his wrist for it too.

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