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Max’s Restaurant has some great chicken!


I woke to a tropical depression in Quezon City, Philippines and I was hungry. The closest thing was Max’s Restaurant. It is a chicken restaurant that has stores across the Philippines. It is pretty tasty for what they have if you ask me.

As the story goes, the soldiers during World War II would come by for chicken as they would patrol. One thing led to another and after the war, Max opened a restaurant serving chicken to the military people. A few years later, they opened another branch by the U.S. Embassy on Roxas Blvd. (Dewey Blvd back then). Later on, the restaurant were sold off and developed into a whole chain of them across the country.

It is actually an important part of the history of the Philippines during the war and right after. It is a story of the independence period of the Philippines when they became a nation. It is one of many businesses that came as a result of the second world war.

Max's Restaurant Dining

Dining area at Max’s Restaurant In Quezon City.

What did I have at Max’s Restaurant?

I just wanted some chicken and some rolls. Both of those were included in the “basic meal” for $3.81 They have a budget meal that adds macaroni salad to the mix for about 60 cents more. I did take the upgrade to bottomless Pepsi. It also came with this little caramel bar.

The fried chicken was quite good and it was very crispy (which I like). I know I say this a lot on the website but I was impressed with the food.

The only thing that I did not like is the rolls were cold. I am a fan of hot rolls and warm butter. The rolls were not heated and the butter was frozen. I understand the reasoning but I still love my hot rolls with warm butter!

All in all, the meal was worth the $3.81 that I paid for it. I would recommend it to anyone that is in the Philippines to check out. A HUGE step up from Jolibee’s Chickenjoy!

Sign for original Max’s Restaurant

How to get here to the original Max’s

If you are coming from ESDA (the main road in Metro Manila), the easiest way to to turn at the GMA Studios on Timog Ave and go one block past Tomas Morato to Scout Tuason St. Just go down the street a few blocks until you see the sign!

The same basic direction would apply if coming from the Quezon Avenue direction. Just turn on Timog and go to Scout Tuason St.

If using the public transport to get to Max’s Restaurant. You would look for the jeepney that says “Roces Blvd” on it and ride it for 16 cents. Just tell the driver you need off at Scout Tuason where Max’s Restaurant is. Walk up a block to the restaurant.

Menu in Philippine Peso

Have you tried Max’s Restaurant?

What was your experience at Max’s Chicken and what did you have? I would love to hear what you thought on the food and and the culture of the place. Let me know in the comments.

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