Nausori (Fiji) is more than the airport

Many people think of Nausori and all they think about is the Nausori International Airport. I believe this is a mistake and it is worth looking at as more than just the place you land if you are going to Suva. I will admit that most tourist only use the airport and get to the city but that does not mean there is not more to it.

Before we start, when I lived in Fiji; I lived in Nausori. I was first in Nasuni (9 miles) and then moved to the area across the river. It is for the most part just an old sugar mill town that never recovered when all the mills moved to the dried western side of Fiji.

Things to do in Nausori

The town is basically a triangle of three streets. There is the main road known as Kings Rd. The back road is known as Verrier Rd. It comes together at a roundabout at the edge of the town by the dairy.

While in town for the day, you can get some local gossip while at the bakery at MH Super Market, grab you some lunch over at Nausori Club that has a great place to relax by the river. If you are more then picnic type, there is a great park area by the bus terminal with tables. If all else fails, eating at the famous Fijian chain, Wishbone and Pizza King is there on the main road.

What if you need to stay a night?

I will be honest. I only know of one place in town. It claims to be a legit hotel but it is only by the same person as the shady of shady bars in town. I stayed there but there is alot of “short time” customers coming and going. However, you are very close to the airport if you are heading out of Fiji to Tuvalu or New Zealand. That hotel is called Riverside Inn.

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