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Relaxing at Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort

I am a backpacker. I am not a resort type guy. However, when someone offers to give you a free stay at one, you take it. A Fijian businessman I know offered to take me along to Sigatoka and stay at the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort.

It is quite impressive to say the least. It is right on the way out of town and it reaches down to a private beach. I was very happy with my stay. I believe our room was $277 FJD which is like $130 dollars. It was not super expensive but not the backpacker budget, either. I do remember the place was pretty loud due to a wedding of some famous person in Australia.

I do have to say from the moment that we pulled onto the property until we left, it was an amazing experience. I have been to hotels (even resorts) where the people just did not care that you was a guest there. I honestly feel valued at Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort. They put the guest as their primary concern and that is what matters to people on holiday.

Why Outrigger Fiji is worth going to?

It is a full resort. They have amazing staff and they run the place just like any resort would be ran in Hawaii. The place is very well kept and the food is amazing. They even had a welcome drink.

It was interesting because one of the staff remember me from when I was in his village for a funeral. I guess being the only white person at the memorial made me stick out just a little 🙂 He was happy to see again. He demanded that he give me a tour of the resort that was fitting of a King. He showed me everything they had. It was pretty awesome.

The rooms were very nice and they were the same quality I would expect in America. They do everything right here. The bed were some of the most comfortable I have been in while in the South Pacific. Soft beds can be hard to come by in the South Seas.

There is a mini-bar in every room too. I didn’t use it as prices for these things can be a little high (After all, it is a resort!). However, it was there if you needed it.

I was able to catch the NFL game on the big LCD television in the room which was a really treat. It was the first time I got to watch football while in Rugby country. I was happy to see the Dallas Cowboys win a December game!

The internet was some of the best I have seen in the Fiji Islands as well. It was not only fast but it had very little latency. I do not remember how it cost to use the wifi but it was worth it. I know that. I was able to upload some images in just a few minutes!

If you planning a Fiji Holidays, checking out Outrigger Fiji might be just what the doctor ordered!

Speaking of the Staff

I think of all the places I have stayed in Fiji, the staff at Outrigger might have been the most helpful. They really, really care about their work and they made sure anything that I needed was there. They even offered to bring me breakfast to my room because of I have a hard time that morning due to my disability. (I did end up walking to the resturant) These people really do put that “Bula” in their smile. Super impressive.

They even was willing to give me a driver for a golf cart until I felt better. I also did it so I could feel like a Peyton Manning or Joe Montana! I just can’t say enough good things about the team there at the resort.

Some might say that they are going helpful because it is a $277 a night beach resort. That might be true but I don’t think you can buy caring people. I have seen some very highly paid people that don’t give a damn about you. I really think the concern was transparent at Outrigger.

It was clear the administration there really look after their staff and is serious about retainment. They want the best staff in Fiji and are not going to lose them to a competitor. It shows in the level of customer care they provide to. As Scott McKain would put it, they gave me the Ultimate Customer Experience.

Why it might not be for you?

Speaking as a backpacker type of guy, my biggest concern would be how quickly you could have a very expensive invoice upon checkout. It is a resort and resorts are not cheap. While this is not a concern for most tourists; it is for the guy that is traveling full time as I am.

However, I did not see any other backpackers at the resort and I can’t see too many of them dropping $277 FJD on a room every night. This is just not their niche.

The other issue I see is the distance between the resort and Nadi International Airport. It is over 74 kilometers to drive it or about an hour and a half travel time. I understand the resort does make the trip to pick up guest several times a day. I am sure they have a very comfortable bus to transport you for the trip. It just is quite the drive from Nadi to Sigatoka. That’s all I am saying.

Travel the Fire! approves the resort!

Overall, I have to say that I would highly recommend a stay for a night at the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort. It was one of the best experiences I had in Fiji. This was not just because of the facilities. It was mainly the amazing staff that made the time so wonderful. Good job, Outrigger Fiji!

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