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Overcoming your hecklers!

If you want to travel, you want to blog and you want to much of anything in life, you WILL have some hecklers to overcome. It is just a fact of life. I have many who heckle me for various and little (or no) reason. There is not much you can do with haters but let them live in their misery.

Some of them are doing it out of complete bodement. For other, it is personal frustration. There are others who dislike you for meaningless things like how you dress, your height, or what camera you use.

Some of them are harmless people who just want to mess with you and there are some who actually wish ill and seek to disrupt people’s business and personal lives. It is this second group that you have to be so careful about. They will do anything to hurt you in any way they can at any cost and by any means.

My experience with personal hecklers

I have had three periods of dealing with them. The first round was in 2002 when a group of three guys thought I was the false prophet talked about in the biblical account of Revelation. The second round was in 2012 with some overly passionate Samoans that did not bother to apply reasoning to a discussion. The third round has been recently and is ongoing.

They do everything but complain about how type of food I eat to what type of shirt I wear to my relationship status. (I guess being single at 36 is some unforgivable sin?) The thing that amazes me about these people is most of them never go anywhere, do anything or have anything positive to say. One of them stays in his little town but criticizes how I travel.

They make fake Youtube accounts (sometimes pretending to be my family members), Facebook accounts and websites to heckle me. They just can’t accept that I am enjoy traveling as a backpacker as a single guy and I am not looking for what they think I should be in life.

I guess that is the price of a little internet fame.

How to deal with them?

There is not much you can do to be honest. You just block them and if they cross too many lines, you file complaints for cyber bullying. I actually had to have one of the loudest heckler removed from Youtube as a result of his hate.

Most of them are just keyboard warriors who have never even seen the north coast of Savaii, had dinner at the Art Village at Pacific Harbour or traveled to Tuvalu. Let’s get real.

I look at this way. I have been to place that the Battle of Tarawa has been fought. I am sure none of my hecklers have been there. The only place they go is the local bars and Youtube to trash me, my travel, and my channels. Really sad when you think about it, isn’t it?

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