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Where to party in Fiji

Alot of people want to party in Fiji. In fact, the party goes to Sunrise in this exotic Pacific nation.

The Fijian love to drink. They will go to the clubs every weekend and it is a way of life for many of them. After dealing with work all week, Friday night will see the clubs in downtown Suva and Nadi completely packed for dancing the night way.

If you want to go out and have a blast, you can do it in Fiji. Be careful though. Fijians love to practice their best Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield bout at the end of the night. There is almost always a fight in downtown Suva over some girl or something someone said. However, it is great entertainment. 

Generally speaking, there is two night club experiences for backpackers in Fiji. There is the party it down with the locals at the normal bars around the area. The other experience is to party at one of the resorts with other tourists. Both are unique and have their place.

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So where do you go?

That would depend where you are really. I do not know some of the outer islands too well. However the following is for the places I have been alot.

Nadi. You really have three options. You can go to Ed’s Bar that is a favorite for Expats and older guys. It is a true bar. Just alot of sitting around and drinking. Otherwise, there is two clubs across the parking lot from each other. Ice Bar and White House. Ice even has a van that runs around and pick up tourist to bring them to the bar.

Pacific Harbour. You have a few places but no real clubs. The Club Oceanus and Uprising is the closest you will get. Oceanus is the go to place for game fishermen

, divers, surfers, etc. Basically, the sizable expat population in Pacific Harbour gather here. Uprising is more your tourist’s bar with tourist prices. A third option is a bar called Oasis that is owned by a white Fijian.

Suva. This is the place to party in Fiji. You have Friend’s Bar on Cummings, another (shady) club in the old movie house by immigration, O’reilly’s off Victoria Parade, and on Carnarvon rd; there is a dozen (at least) clubs side by side. You will find what you are looking for there.

Nausori. This town on the edge of Suva really has two clubs and they are across the street from each other. One is called Whistling Duck and the other is called Dolphins Night Club. A third option is the Nausori Club but when I have been there, mostly older timers.

I am not sure what is happening in Savusavu but I am sure there is a new clubs up there as well.

If you have partied in Fiji, what was your experience?

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