Pasir Mas, Malaysia: A cute coastal town

After coming from Su-ngai Kolok (Thailand) via Rantau Panjang, I ended up in Pasir Mas, Malaysia. To be honest, I was just there to get a train to Kuala Lumpur. However, I was about two hour early for the train so I took the time to look around.

The train station is nicely positioned right along the main road so I was close to everything and it seemed that most things was centered downtown (or I didnt go far enough!). One thing that is interesting about the place is that is 100% Muslim and the city is very, very clean. I mean super clean.

Pasir Mas has a great street market

As it I was there in the late afternoon, I did find a booming street market going up across from the train station. It took up about two blocks and they have about every type of Malaysian food that you can find of for sale.

I was really surpised at how many vendors were out there selling food. I did not think that Pasir Mas was that big of a place but there sure was alot of sellers of food. It is not China town in Kuala Lumpur big but it was really good size for a town that size.

I found the people very friendly

As an American male, I did not what to expect in Malaysia and especially in an area that is pure Muslim. I actually found the people very open and discuss things, even terrorism and religion.

I had people wanting to talk to me and they was not doing it with bad motives. They were just that friendly. We was able to get to know each other and they were interested in learning more about American culture than I would have ever thought.

Before long, I had to go back to catch the train to Kuala Lumpur!

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