Photomatix Oneshot is out!

I was talking with a friend that does work with HDRsoft and told me about Photomatix Oneshot. It is a scaled down version of Photomatix Pro when you just need one image. He told me I should check it out and do a review on it for HDR Photography Day sometime.

I want to test it out, I really do but I have a problem. According to their website, it is only for Mac users. I am a Windows guy so I can’t test it out.

However, I can use the Photomatix Pro 5 program as a single image and I think that is pretty close to what Photomatix OneShot is about.

Testing out Photomatix Oneshot

It is really simple to use. You just load the image and it gives you the sliders you need to change things like the tone, contrast and temperature. Now, it is just a matter of playing with the sliders until you get the images how you like.

You won’t have the same power that you have with HDR images because you do not have the same amount of information to work with. However, you can really bring out some shadows and knock down some highlights with this.

Make into the Instagram killer please

If they could make this into a web application using their slider on a mobile version, I believe that HDRsoft could take down Facebook’s Instagram. I am no fan of the service and I do not have an account there. I prefer 500px personally. It is for photographers by photographers. 

However, a cool web application that allows people with their iPhone and Android phone to make easy edits to their images and post them on social media could be wildly popular. OneShot could be the avenue for doing that.

Maybe, they see this and get the inspiration 🙂

That picture of the keys.

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