Pioneer Village in Minden, Nebraska is very interesting!

Growing up, my grandpa was a very busy man. He worked at a feed company and then farmed two different farms that the family owned. This meant that he did not have much time for “family” stuff sadly. He had to make the money and that did not always work.

I said that to say this, one of my memories as a child was went we went in the RV to Pioneer Village because it was one of the few times that my grandpa took time away from the farm to have a vacation for a few days. He normally just couldn’t get away so spending this time with me was something special.

It was of course full of mishaps because it was the first (and probably the only time) we use the RV. Things like he overfilled the tank and diesel fuel was all over the ground at some gas station. They went to use the stove and it was not working right, either. It was an adventure for whole family to go on vacation.

However, we made it over 270 miles from Northwest Missouri to Minden with everything in one piece and had a great few days away from home. The best of it all for me was having grandpa with us that just did not happen often.

What is at the Pioneer Village?

One of the things I remember was all the old cars that the village had. A little research says it is now over 350 but it seems like most of them were there went we are visiting in the early 1990’s. It also has one of the first Harley Davidson motorcyles ever made and dozens of the cars from the “Greese era.”

They also have the first fighter jet that the United States used, an early Ford Pinto, and an early Navy Helicopter to name a few of the other mode of transportation at Pioneer Village.

Probably, the most well known things is the nation’s largest merry-go-round that is in the middle of the village. From what I remember, it was quite big even by the standard of the big one used at Worlds of Fun