Post Fiji : mail while in the Fiji Islands

One of the things you might need while in Fiji is the postal service known as Post Fiji. It is pretty basic and it operates on Fiji time (very slow). However, for mail within Fiji and sending postcards home, it is pretty cheap.

The good news is that their post office are pretty much everywhere. There is even one at the Kavala Bay in the middle of nowhere! They are all over Suva too.

The bad news is their website does not work very well and tracking from the United States Postal Service seems to stop at Nadi International Airport.  They really need to step up the game on that so people can use them. Having a decent postal services is a requirement for any growing economy.

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My Experiences with Post Fiji

I had a box of things send from Colorado to me in Nausori and it took about a week to get to Fiji. That is not bad. It has to traveled through Sydney, Australia so it takes some time. However, it took another 4 days to get from one side of the island to the other. A whole business week. It was very frustrating. I could have traveled to Nadi myself and get it myself! I understand a day to clear customs but not four!

The other experience I had was mailing a package from Fiji to Missouri. It was paid for to go by air or what they call EMS in Fiji. Post Fiji didn’t send it by air cargo. They put it on a ship for some reason. I guess the good news is 5 months later, the package did arrive in Missouri. I paid for 1-2 week though.

The reality is Post Fiji knows that using them is pretty much required because using DHL, FedEx, and UPS is just too expensive for most people. However, Post Fiji really need to step up and be a competitor.
Post Fiji Pacific Harbour

what is the prices like?

I do not remember the price of spending the package to Missouri but I am going to guess and say I spend about $50 USD on it. As I said, I paid for the EMS service (but didn’t get it).

I can’t really check their website and the pricing has been removed for some reason. It is hard to not wonder if the Postal service in Fiji is falling apart or something. It is concerning.

I do remember that sending letter across Fiji is quite cheap. It was about 10 cents to do that. It also didn’t seem to take as long to get mail around Fiji from what I remember.

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