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Post Office in Dallas :)

I got to Dallas from Fort Worth using the Trinity Railroad Express which was pretty good (and cheap.) After walking around downtown Dallas I found this house that was what I guess in the original building of Dallas. There was a sign saying it was the Postmaster back in the 1800’s. It does not look too modern to me.

Dallas Union Station
The entry to Dallas Union Station

One of the things that amazes me about the Dallas Union Station is how clean it is. It is very well kept compared to other train stations. (The bathrooms were not the best though) It was safe and it was secure in the middle of downtown. I am sure the Union Station has seen better days but there is not a call for a multi-million dollar overhaul like Kansas City Union Station had at this point.

Bank of America building in Downtown Dallas, Texas

As I wondering about downtown, I saw this old building of a university that was reflecting into the new glass of Bank of America and I thought it was make a great HDR image. It takes the story of the old and new meeting in Dallas and the challenge to blend the two together than the city is facing.

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