A guide to Angeles City food

While you are visiting the Philippines, you might find a need to check out the Angeles City food industry. While you are staying in the city, a popular tourist location, you will probably want to eat at some point.

The good news is that there are been quite a few people from around the world that have set up restaurants in the city. Some of the best small time eateries in the Philippines are in Angeles City.

I do not know why but there seems to be something about sex tourism and good eating places in Asia. Some of the best places to eat in Thailand are close by the red light districts as well.

What is some good Angeles City Food?

The restaurants around the Walking Street on Fields Ave are not normally on the list. They are decent but over priced. With that said, one of the best street food stands in the country is that Mexican joint right outside of High Society. It is called Taqueria Real. Amazing food and cheap too!

For some reason, they have alot of Mexican restaurants in the city. Another great one and some of the best food I have had in the country is down at Iguana’s Authentic Mexican Food down on Friendship. It is pretty competitive priced and very, very good food if you ask me.

Here is a list of list of popular street food in the Philippines to try.

Is there anywhere not to eat?

There is one place that I would not suggest eating at and the government of Angeles City needs to take a serious look at their food health practices. It is called Bunny Burger right on Fields. They are a hole in the wall place but they have a major issue.

I ordered some food and as they handed it to me, a cockroach came from under the plate! I am not even joking. They do not have the place looked at by pest control or something but I will never be back to Bunny Burger in Angeles City again. Sorry.

Other than that, I try to not eat along Field’s Ave too often. I want to enjoy my food quietly without a prostitute or street kid asking me for their services. Maybe that is just me!

Where do you get good Angeles City food?

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