Is Pressable really better than the cheaper hosting companies?

A few years ago, I really got turned on to Pressable, right around the time that they rebranded from Zippykid. The fact that Automattic, the company behind WordPress just bought a majority stake in Pressable was the final thing I needed to try them.

Vid Luther was the founder and he did the best he could but he was more a engineer than he was a businessman. This left the company is pretty bad shape until Automattic came in and changed everything…. including removing Vid as the CEO of the company.

In many ways, this made Pressable the WordPress hosting that people could afford. WordPress VIP is amazing but no many can pay the $3,500 a month to start. Now, they have a hosting service that the rest of us that aren’t Mark Zuckerberg can use.

As for myself, the move came at the right time. I was starting to have trouble with the cheap hosting company that I had been with for reasons. Hostgator just didn’t do it for me. I also tried A2 Hosting but that did not work out too well, either.

My decision was between WP Engine and Pressable. While there is not enough great things to say about WP Engine based in Austin, the prices is not one. (They continued to increase quarterly it seems, too). Pressable was a winner for me.

My experience using Pressable

One of the important things for me was being on the cloud. There are things like DDoS that you have to think about. I was getting hundreds of request an hour just to overload the server resources. It was at attack by another blogger to bring down the website. However, it became clear that I needed to go on the cloud.

Pressable was the people I turned to after looking at the two other WordPress based hosting companies. I loved what WP Engine was doing and was just completely unrealistic financially. Pressable, on the other hand, was cheaper and gave me more views per package.

The other thing that sold me was that Jetpack Premium was included for every website. This was a seller because I was paying $10 a month for daily backups and coming to Pressable, it included them using VaultPress.

The bigger seller for me is that I could have up to 5 websites and 60,000 views per month across them at the basic price. WP Engine does not allow more than one website on their basic level.

However, it did come with some limitations. One of them being support. When I made the switch, getting support was several days and only by email. They did not even answer emails if it was between normal business hours. Support was basically non-existence if something crashed. (Since then, they are massively expanded support to include phone, email and chat. Thank you, Pressable!)

The other limitations that I found annoying is they do not offer email. That is something you have to go out and get yourself from Google, Microsoft or Rackspace. Basic emails service that connect to Microsoft Outlook is, in my view, just expected by a hosting company. However, the reason they do not offer it is reasonsable. (FYI, WP Engine doesn’t offer it, either!)

A year later…

I have been with Pressable for over a year now and I still am very happy with them. I have seen the support expand greatly. It is common to hear back from them within hours now (which I will would like to see improved). The few times that I had needed them, it was quick and the people behind the support really know their stuff!

I have zero downtime and the websites handle peaks in traffic from time to time. I have never had a resource problem since coming to Pressable. As far as the practical side of running a website, it has been a beauty with them.

Now, the email thing. I just have a gmail that I use for that. I have not pulled the trigger on getting Office 365 to have a company email…yet. It is not ideal but it has worked for me since making the switch.

There also has been some changes within the company over the last year. One of them being a completely new website was launched and the packages are changed a little. One of the big ones was going from unlimited space to 100GB.

All in all, I am still happy with them and I am still a customer of Pressable. I have had the chance to move on but didn’t.

Do I recommend Pressable?

I do. I would suggest using them for any serious website project. They are a little pricy for people that just want to have a presence online. For that, A2 Hosting would be the one that I suggest. (Click here to get 20% off) However, if you need enterprise level resources, you simply can not go wrong using Pressable!

At $20, you get everything you need to get started. If you just have one website, you could have up to 2,000 views a day. That is a fair bit of traffic and you would be making good money from the traffic at that point. If you need to upgrade, you could have over 6,000 views a day.

The bottom line is companies like WP Engine and Pressable are made for serious content creators that are committed to growth using WordPress. The prices and resource points reflect that committment. It is really not for the basic blogger that talks about the family cat every few weeks.

At the end of the day, I am still with them and plan to stay with them for several years to come. I am ready if something major happens but as it stands now, I should not been looking for a new hosting company anytime soon.

If you have questions, a great places to connect with them is at WordCamps. They are starting to show up at a bunch of them and they are very easy to talk to and do it on laymen terms!

If you want to know more about it, click on the banner below and head over to their website. (Click on it does support Eaten Scroll, FYI)

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