Puerto Princesa Airport is a trick to use!

The good news they are finally building a new Puerto Princesa International Airport. The bad news is that is not finalized yet. That means we still to make do with our old one until then. I guess the new airport is one of the hidden blessings from Chinese aggression in the South China Sea.

The Puerto Princesa International Airport was built during the second world war and since then, population has grown up around it. What this has created is a safety concern. If a plane overshoots the runway, it will be in someone’s living room! Ok, probably not but the concern has been made before.

What you need to know about Puerto Princesa Airport

The airport is on the end of the Rizal Ave Extension past the Capital. What this means is when you arrive, there is a small army of tricycle drivers trying to get extra money out of you to take you to the town area. You can get around this by walking out to the road and waiting for one to take you for a fourth of the price (normal fare is P8)

Another important thing is do not try and get any “packages” from the people at the airport. All of their offerings are seriously over priced and some of them are just stealing money. They can’t even deliver the packages that they are trying to sell you.

Tip when leaving Palawan

If you are flying back to Manila (or Cebu), be forewarned: planes are backed up often. The logic behind this is they have to “catch the wind” coming into the airport and if the wind is bad, it is hard for them to touch down. No one knows how much truth is in this but that is the story that airlines like Cebu Pacific Air and Air Asia give to everyone.

Another issue is once a plane is delayed, it will push back every flight (even other airlines) all day so it is common to leave Palawan an hour (or two) after your scheduled departure from Puerto Princesa Airport.

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