Qicsend Review : Transfering money from Canada to the Philippines

A client needed to send me money from Canada to the Philippines and Western Union was not working. After a little research, we found that Qicsend was probably the easiest way to do it. While it was not perfect and setting everything up took a few days, it worked all things considered.

QicSEND™ is an online international money transfer service, offering safe, secure and affordable online remittance solutions. Our leading edge offerings are a fraction of the cost of traditional money transfers, making it easy and inexpensive to send money as often as you like to friends and family overseas.

I do not have many people in Canada that need to send me money but if I did, I would probably get this company a much more serious look. It seems what you figure out their system, it does work pretty well.

One of the challenges with Canada is they do not the options for online remittance like America does. It is mainly just QicSend and Western Union. Moneygram does not even have online sending on their website for Canada.

How to send using QicSend from Canada?

My client went to their website and did the normal filling out the forms on the webpage. There is a few things that you have be aware of as you do it.

  • You have to make sure your address is current with your bank
  • Make sure you know what company you need to send the money.

Besides that, it seems that everything is just as standard as it with Western Union, Xoom, Remitly or WorldRemit. Just tell them who you are and your basic banking information. They do verify that you are who you say that you are.

That leads to where the hold was with our transfer. They had to verify that the sender really send the money. This involved emailing them a picture of him with his driver’s license to make sure it was really him. It took about a day of processing to get this done.

After that, the transfer was send and I had to go to M lhuillier pawn shop to pick up the money.

I actually had problem with the people working there because they never had heard of Qicsend and only knew Moneygram for Canadians. Come to find out, it was under BPO remittance and at the second branch, the guy had done a transaction with them before so he knew where to find it.

After that, I had money send to me and all is well.

Some things I learned about QicSend

The first one is really odd in today’s online world. They do not have real time support. They only have email and it takes me up to 24 hours to respond to emails. This is uncommon in today’s world. I can’t believe they do not have a call center in the Philippines that answers people’s question on the phone or by chat. This was very surprising.

The other issue is what I said above. They need to better educate the people working at the payout centers about how to process the transactions from QicSend so that people do not have to go to 2 or more branches until they find someone that knows what they are doing.

All things considered, I do think that they will be a service to check out if you send money from Canada to the Philippines often. It is not something that I normally need as most of my clients are in the United States.

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