Why I bought a Sony HDR AS50

I recently picked up the Sony HDR AS50 action cam to do some videos. It opens up doors to new levels of creativity and it keeps me from having to use a GoPro!

I have asked a few other people who do travel vlogs about using it and they all gave rave reviews on it and said it would work good for me. These are not paid reviewers but people who have used it in real world shooting.

On top of it, the price was downright amazing for a camera. I got it for only $88. It was a little more but thanks to some Amazon credit from Remitly, I only paid the $88!

3 things I need the Sony HDR AS50

I really need a light camera that I can use without yelling “DSLR” when shooting. I have used both the Nikon D7000 and the Sony Nex 5t for vlogging and both of them are quite big for the purpose. They do the job but they are not ideal. Having the action cam will be easier to film without looking weird and it will be easier to use without people realize I am filming.

The second reason that I got the Sony HDR AS50 is that has a really wide field of view. I can use it to get some amazingly wide shots. I can even use it for real images to make HDR Photography if I really needed to. I am not sure how wide the images are but I would guess the lenses is close to what a 8mm would offer on a DSLR.

The third reason is I want to do more time lapses. Doing them is hard on a DSLR’s sensor. Having a cheap action cam to do them is smart and if I wear out the camera, I am not out much money. Time lapse are very cool but they take a lot of the camera to make.

What will I find out?

I have long been a critic of action cams, especially the GoPro, due to the sensor size. I am a firm believer that using a APSC sensor is needed for quality video. However, could using the Sony HDR AS50 change my mind? It might but probably not.

It will be a useful addition to use though. It will open the door to do more creative options and it will be good for being an “every day carry” to whip out and film if something is interesting.

It will never have the power of a DSLR like the Nikon D7000 or the Sony A77. That much is for sure.

I am interested in learning how it will work to take social media worthy pictures.

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