Below is the things used in our travels. Many of them are not the best on the market but it is what I found work. Many times having the best of the best is not always the smartest option for the people that travel around a lot.

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We currently are using a Nikon D800 camera. It is the same one use for our sister website over at HDR School. It is a few years old and there is a newer version of it out currently called Nikon D850. I recommend the newer one if you are serious about photography. American Jamboree will be using the Nikon D850 come 2018. There is not enough good than can be said about this camera.

You can check out the Nikon D850 (newer version) here.

We have a Nikon 16-35mm lens is use for most of the wider shot used (which is most of them.) This is the probably the best lens that we have for the cameras to be honest.

Check out Nikon 16-35mm F/4 here.

We also use a Sony Action camera that was just recently add to the camera bag. It is very good for making high adventure type videos for our Youtube channel. We have the Sony HDR AS300 currently and plan to upgrade to the 4k version quickly.

The main use that is it used for is camping and for timelapses. It is a cheaper camera and takes some stress off the more expensive DSLR for making the time lapses.

Click here for Sony HDR AS300

The next thing that is used a lot is a travel tripod. Our preferred one is the Gitzo GT2542 Mountaineer Tripod Series 2. While it is a little pricey, it is worth it. One of the most important thing in photography is a solid tripod. They also have a few cheaper options out there.

Click here for the Gitzo tripod on Amazon.

The final thing that I would recommend that anyone that moves around a lot would be a black rapid sling. Carrying a heavy DSLR on your neck is suicide and holding it in your hands is not much better. Putting in a Black Rapid sling is a million times better. Personally, the sports version is best for what is needed. You can check out the different options for you.

Click here for Black Rapid Strap

One thing that you might also want is a good camera if you are traveling around a lot. I really like the National Geographical camera bags. I have been using them for years as a photographer. Highly recommended. My favorite is called National Geographic Earth Explorer Shoulder Bag. It is the best bag I have ever owned and I have a few of them that cost double the price.

Click here for National Geographic camera bag

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