Complete guide to Redding Municipal Airport

If you are going to Mount Shasta or anywhere in Northern California, the Redding Municipal Airport is the only option to fly into the area. However, using it might not be the best option. To be honest, the airport is largely underdeveloped and they can’t seem to attract airlines.

It is true that the airport can handle larger planes. After all, President Donald Trump can fly into the airport while on the campaign trail and President George W. Bush did land there back in 2008.

As a general rule, I would recommend either taking the Amtrak to Sacramento or a Greyhound to San Francisco to fly out of than trying to connect at the Redding Municipal Airport.

Most of the time that I have flown into Redding directly, it has been for a quick visit for Azusa Report. If I have the time, I normally transit out of Sacramento as stated above.

The city has been trying since 1949 to attract airlines to make the airport a real option for people coming to Northern California but to this day, the struggle remains. There has been a few airlines come and go over the years. It seems that only United remains at the airport currently.

Newly expanded terminal at Redding Airport

Terminal at Redding Municipal Airport?

As I said, the city is trying to make the airport a real option for travelers and part of that was to build a new terminal that is bigger and more modern. That was recently completed with help of the Federal government.

They have increased the secure holding area from a little under 70 people to a little over 200 for example. This would mean they could handle loading up three planes at once….if they could get the planes to actual come to Redding.

There is only currently flight to San Francisco using United Express as a connecting flight. They have had American Airlines and Alaska Airlines try and fail in the past. According to Alaska, it was over the financial market of the area that they could continue serve the city. I am sure there is why they can’t get any other carriers to come.

It does not seem that the city has a logical plan in place to fix this or there is anything that can be done. Being just 90 minutes from two major cities in California does not help matters. It is much cheaper for the customer to make the trip than to just fly out locally.

At the end of the day, the city is left with a nice terminal for the few that do use it. It is quite big for a smaller airport.