Robidoux Row in St. Joseph is an interesting place to check out!

Much like the Pony Express Museum, the Robidoux Row house is also interested but for a different reason. It is the place where Joseph Robidoux, founder of St. Joseph, lived. It is just on the northside of downtown and it is just as you are entering into the Northend as locals call it. (I grew up in the Northend of St. Joseph.)

He build it in the late 1840’s and lived then for some time (no longer is quite sure how long) and it now a museum that is popular for elementary school’s field trips. It is owned by the  Saint Joseph Historical Society.

Robidoux seems to have been a developer in downtown and build this apartment building, possibly the first apartments west of the Mississippi, to house families as their home were being built.  This is hear say that has been passed down but it is very possible. He did have some type of real estate development interest. That much is known.

It is also possibly that people would stay here when they couldn’t pass the Missouri on the ferry due to weather with their wagons. Some people even ended up waiting out the long winters back then at the Robidoux Row.

In 1974, the highway next to it was being built and they wanted to have a wide ramp. In order to do this, they was going to have to tear down the building. However, some historicans in the city and the St. Joseph Historical Society fought to save the building. They was successful in doing so.

It has operated as a museum telling the story of fur trading, history of Joseph Robidoux and early St. Joseph history since 1981.

Visiting Robidoux Row Museum

You can easily reach it by using 2-29 highway and getting off at St. Joseph Ave. It right next to where the ramp ends. It is officially at 219-225 East Poulin Street.

You can visit most days from 10:00 in the morning to four in the afternoon but in the winter, but in the winter, they are only opened Tuesday and Saturdays from one to four in the afternoon. They are closed all of January for work that needs to be done on the property.