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Rotuma is a dream!

I have been basically everywhere in Fiji that I want to go but one: Rotuma.

It is an island of Polynesian people living about two hours away from the main island by plane. It is very hard (and expensive) to get to. The other option is a three day trip up but that means you have to wait a month for the next trip back.

I have wanted to go there ever since I heard stories about the place from Rotumans living in Suva. I was willing to go but the month long with no internet was too much. The flights were stupid expensive then as well. Round trip was well over $2,000 Fijian. The ferry is about $300 FJD each way.

Rotuma is mainly untouched

The islanders a decade or so ago had a vote and choose to remain off the list of places in Fiji that would encourage tourism. The result is there is little in the way of hotels, backpackers, restaurants, or much of anything on the island. They have one small jetty for the ferry and one flight a week for supplies and bring the people back from Suva.

Because of this, it is really off the tourist tract and remains basically untouched and unvisited. That is the thing that has been the draw to me: hardly anything else has actually been there.

It will be on my list next time to Fiji

Whenever I go back to Fiji, I plan to make the trip to Rotuma even if I have to pay the raping that Fiji Airways wants to take me there. I can’t do a month there so I will have to least fly one way. I just wish there was a low budget carrier like Air Asia or Southwest Airlines in Fiji. Not in my lifetime.

All in All, I want to see Rotuma.


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