Samoa Holidays on $250 a week

One of the most requested articles I get asked about is how to do a Samoa Holidays on a budget. It is not the cheapest place in the Pacific (Fiji is). However, with some careful planning, Samoa can be done quite affordable. The good news is you won’t be tripping over tourist everywhere you go in the islands.

One of the most expensive things about coming to Samoa remains to be airfare. It is always a challenge. There is ways to get a little money knocked off the cost. Here is an article on how to save money on Flights to Samoa.

Samoa Holidays on a low budget

Let’s start out with saying this. A low budget for coming here would be around $50 a day. Anything cheaper than that is just unrealistic. I think you could have a decent week in paradise for about $250 or so.

I would suggest to do a night in Apia when you arrive, three days on the south coast of Upolu (main island of Samoa) and three days on Savaii then come back to the airport for the trip back home.

This would mean you spend one night in a cheap hotel. I have stayed in one for $13. Three nights on the South Coast and then three nights in Savaii. This means six of the seven nights, you are in a beach fale. taufua-beach-fales-huts

The good news about them is that meals are normally included. Below is an example from Faofao Beach Fales Resort in Savaii of what prices currently look like on the popular travel site, Agoda. As I said, it includes Breakfast and Dinner, you would only have to figure out lunch.


I would also suggest moving to at least two beach fales on each island during the week so you can have a little different experience and meet new locals along the way. That will just make your Samoa Holidays even better.

Disconnecting for the week

One of the greatest expenses in Samoa is technology. If you are on a budget, you would be best served to try and limit your online time while in paradise. This alone will save you alot of money. Take pictures and edit them but wait until you get back from Samoa to upload most of them. Internet in Samoa is up to $81 a GB right now.

I know this is tempting to get them out to the wire but backpackers are photographers at the SuperBowl with Sports Illustrated’s budget!

Budgeting for your Samoa Holidays

If you can manage to find beach fales for $30 a night with meals, that is $180 for six nights. Add a night in Apia for $20 and some food while there.

You will also have some bus fares, taxi fare, ferry to Savaii, and buying little things. Call all that $35 or so.

Our total so far would be around $245 for the week. That is very doable and that is very much a backpacker’s paradise! It would even give you room to upgrade a night somewhere along the way if that is needed.

Have you done a Samoa Holidays?

If so, tell me about what it was like and how much you spend? I would love to hear your story as well.

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