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Samoa Shipping & ferry to American Samoa

Samoa Shipping Corporation, a government owned company has a ferry that runs from Apia to Pago Pago once a week. While many would opt for the Inter Island Airways travel; taking the over night ferry to American Samoa might interest people.

Note that this article is purely informational. I have not used the service myself as it never worked out for me on my travels. It is only once a week and I could never make it work.

This is how many Samoans travel between Samoa and American Samoa. It is especially popular for the workers at Samoa Packing (Starkist).

What is the service and how does it work?

I have only used them for freight which is 30 American cents per pound. It was a much cheaper option that trusting SamoaPost.

However, Samoa Shipping Corporation has a newer boat from Japan, MV Lady Naomi. It can bring 220 people at a time to American Samoa at 12 knots. They claim this is much faster than their older ones. They said it has knocked off about 180 minutes of travel time.

The ferry does have a place to lay down and there a place to get snacks as well.

What are the details from Samoa Shipping?

According to their website (that only halfway works), the ferry leaves Apia at midnight on Wednesday night and arrives in Pago Pago on Thursday morning at 6am. It returns to Apia at 4pm arriving around 11pm. Like all things in Samoa, time are very loose.

The fare is $50 for a one way trip and $65 for the round trip. On the Apia side of things, that works out to $90 Tala for one way and $120 round trip.

If you going to Samoa and the US Territory on a budget, looking at Samoa Shipping and their service to American Samoa might be a wise move.

Have you taken the American Samoa trip?

If you have, comment below and tell me what was your experience? I would like to hear some first hand. I do plan to use it next time I am in Samoa and travel to the American side. I just have to plan ahead for it.

I have been on some very old ferries in the Philippines so I am sure that is pretty close to what to expect in Samoa. After all, MV Lady Naomi is almost 20 years old right now.

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