Samoan beach fales are amazing!

I have traveled the world but I have to say that sleeping in beach fales on my Samoa holidays is probably some of the best sleep I ever got. It is not five star resort hospitality and it is natural and very comfortable.

All along the south coast of main island of Samoa and Savaii are these small huts that they call beach fales. They are without walls for the most part and they let the breeze from the ocean at night be your natural air conditioning. They are also normally built feet from the ocean too.

The view from the beach fales is just downright amazing. It is some of the best landscape you can wake up to in the world. One thing I know for sure: there is no better Samoa accommodation than staying in one of the beach fales.

beach fales meal

Three reasons to stay in Samoan beach fales

While you could stay in a resort for $300 USD or stay in a hotel for $100 USD; I think it is best to try beach fales in Samoa. While it might not be your idea of what a Samoa holidays should be; it is exactly what it should be!

The first thing about staying in one is that you are going to have a more authentic cultural experience. Let’s face it: resorts are fake. You won’t get anything authentic there. It is much better to surround yourself with local Samoans in a real village.

The second reason is the environmental experience. Being only feet away from the ocean and living like the Samaoans have lived for centuries. A week in beach fales is much less of a footprint on the planet than a week in the resort!

The third reason is that you are supporting local Samoans. Most, if not all, beaches fales are run by a family that lives in the village. When you are stay in one, you are supporting a family and helping send children to school and put food on their table. It is not just make some angel investor in China richer.

You can also make the case that staying in a fale for a week is about the cost of spending a day or two at the resort. It also make economical sense as well. The less you spend could mean the long you could have a Samoa Holidays for some people.

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What about safety?

One of the concerns that many backpackers and travelers have with Samoan beach fales is the issue of safety of possessions. I understand the concern. I really do.

However, I have found that for the most part that Samoans coming up on a fale and just stealing things doesn’t happen too much. The reason being that it would become a major issue in the village. It would bring shame to the village in the local media and ultimately, the family would face serious problems from the village council for the beating them took in the newspaper.

This fear of public shame keeps the local Samoan thugs from causing too many problems for the backpackers and the tourists normally. It does happen from time to time but not very often!

If you are interested, here is a tour of beach fales that I found on Youtube.

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