Samyang 85mm (1.2) is coming to Nikon

Well, if the word on the street is right, Nikon users can be planning to see a Samyang 85mm (1.2) very soon in stores. What does it means and more importantly, does it mean a hill of beans to us? I believe it does for a few reasons.

I will tell you right here and now that I am a Samyang fan boy. I love their stuff and I think it is best bang for the buck on the market. They make amazing glass and do it for a third of what Nikon and a tenth of what Carl Zeiss does it for.

With that said, I do not think I am that interested in these premium lenses. I will say more about that later. I just don’t see that they are that much of a upgrade.

What has Samyang given us?

While the main focus seems to be getting the lens to handle 50MP sensor that to date Nikon does not offer. It could mean that we are looking at seeing the Nikon D850 be a 50MP+ sensor. No promises but it does open the questioning mind.

The other thing that it seems that Samyang was focused in on was adding some aperture to the lens. I do not see the need to shoot at F/1.2 with a Samyang 85mm. Maybe it is just me but at that aperture, hitting the depth of field is very hard for most. Hell, it can be hard for professionals as well.

On an unrelated but side note, they also released another “premium” lens at the 14mm focal length with the same philosophy. I do not see a reason to shoot at 14mm beyond F/4. Maybe that is me though.


samyang-handsI am not interested in Samyang 85mm (1.2)

I am sorry but I just do not see the point of this lens unless we are looking at the Nikon D850 coming soon to the market. The upgrade from the older 1.4 offering does not seem to be much. To be fair, the Samyang 85mm (1.4) is a very good len. It would be hard to upgrade from it.

I am not saying that there could not be some major improvement in the optics within the lens inself that we can’t see. If there is, I might change my mind about getting it. I am open to being wrong about it.

Until then, I am hold my view that it is best to just keep the Samyang 85mm (1.4) and use it until there is a major upgrade release. I do not think this is that major breakthrough to sell the old one to get the new one. Sorry.

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