How San Antonio made me a traveler

One of my earliest memories in life is making repeated trips to Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. It was on those trips that I started to love to travel…. I am sure we made at least a dozen trip there over the course of my childhood.

For my dad, it was training for his career. For the family, it was a vacation after he finished each day. I remember some really amazing things as a child from all the drives from Missouri.

In a car for 850 miles can be quite the long trip for a young kid but I learned a lot from it. I want to tell you some of the memories that I have from those days.

Three memories from drives to San Antonio

  1. Stops at Eureka Springs, Arkansas. On the drive down, we would normally stop at either Branson, Missouri (Silver Dollar City, here we come) or in Eureka Springs, Arkansas for the night. It is a nice mountain town in the Ozarks. It was always a nice time and we would get a cabin at a campgrounds there.
  2. Visiting Texas Stadium. Growing up, I loved the Dallas Cowboys (and hated the Kansas City Chiefs). I wanted to stop at Texas Stadium and get a tour and we did a few times. It was always awesome. I even got to go to a game there against the New York Giants!
  3. Visiting the NASA Museum in Houston. On a trip back, we made a special side trip to Houston (and Galveston) to visit the NASA stuff and it was awesome to see what our nation has done in space. I enjoyed Galveston too!

What about San Antonio?

I remember doing the normal stuff like visiting the Alamo and a few other things but honestly, the best memories were normally on the way down and the way back.

One of the amazing things I do remember in the city was visiting Seaworld. I thought it would be very cool to see whales. I do not know but I always loved them…. and no, not a fan of Free Willy.

I have been to San Antonio for quite some time but I am sure the city is still an amazing place to visit!

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