Scott’s Hamburger: the best burger in Tulsa

I know there is a debate going on in Tulsa about who has the best hamburger and fries. I have heard some great answers but the one that, in my mind, stands above the heads and shoulders of the rest of them is Scott’s Hamburger in downtown Bixby. It might be forgotten about by many but it has a special place in my story of living in Tulsa 

I remember when I was going to Oral Roberts University, I use to live just down the street a little bit. I would stop by and get a nice big cheeseburger and fries on my way to campus almost every weekday. They never failed me and the staff was some of the friendly that I have experienced.

It was just good old Oklahoma folks that come in there. Some of the people that I meet there made me feel right at home in Bixby. It was in Scott’s Hamburgers that many of these random meetings of people took place.

I remember the first time someone told me about the place, I was a little uneasy. I wondered if a local restaurant was up to par with the big chains like TGI Friday’s and Outback. I was very happy to learn it was as good, if not better.

Scott’s Hamburger is located at 15 W Dawes Ave in Bixby


Scott’s Hamburger is old school dining.

If you remember those old diner that was for the “good ole boys” back in the 1980’s, this is the feeling that the place has. It is very friendly and it is clear that many of the customers are in there often (few times a week).

Growing up in a bigger city (Kansas City), most of these type places have completely disappeared in favor or corporate favorites. It is kinda of sad because I like the locally owned diners and hamburger joints Scott’s Hamburger. I am sure that I am not the only one. Am I?

One of the reason that this matters is because there is just something about home style cooking. You can tell when the meat has been overly processed to save a penny and when it hasn’t. I found the burgers there remind me of going to grandma’s house.

The only downside to the place is the line to stand in to get some food. There are days that it can go out the door in the heat. I guess that is the price of popularity. The key to this is normally waiting until after the lunch rush. I would normally try and come around three in the afternoon or so.

It might be a personal thing but I like the “cut” of the fries they use at the restaurant. It is the thicker ones when many places are going super thin and it is quite annoying when I want a good solid lunch. I normally try and order an extra order of fries when I come which is hard to eat (too much food for one setting to be honest).

Revival of the restaurant

The details of what happen are pretty loose but a few years, the owner and spouse past away unexpected and it led to the closure of the restaurant for awhile. It was very hard to deal with losing both of them very quickly.

There has a revival of it in recent years under new owners (that I understand are outside of the original family) and they seem to be doing quite a great job. I have not been there since the re-opening but I have heard some very positive things about Scott’s from friends that are still in Tulsa.

The new owners seems to be much more business minded and that could lead to some very interesting things for Bixby. It could end up seeing more locations that just one, for example. I will be watching what happens with them to be honest. I want to see the story of Scott’s.

One thing is for sure…. the food will be still be the best hamburgers in Metro Tulsa.

What about prices and things?

This is the only menu that I can find online so expect a 10% markup to these prices today (if not more). While the “Hoss” is getting up there in price, most burgers (with fries and drink) is closer to $6-8. That is very competitive with other similar restaurants.

If you ever find yourself in Bixby, Oklahoma; try Scott’s Hamburgers.