Sheridan in Palawan: Is it worth it?

I have stayed at the Sheridan Palawan in Sabang Beach (next to the Underground River). It is quite pricy by Filipinos standards but it is very nice. It is to the same quality that you would expect at any Sheridan resorts in the United States or across the Pacific Ocean. I have stayed in their resorts in the Fiji Islands and in Hawaii as well.

Sheridan Palawan is a breath of fresh air in Sabang Beach. It is the only place with electricity, internet and good food for the next 30 kilometers or so. So if you are there to see the underground river and forgot to charge your phone, the Sheridan Palawan is your only option.

What is it like at Sheridan Palawan?

Well, let’s establish one thing: the rooms cost around $200 and up. It is not cheap so expectations are very high. Considering that, they mean them on every level. It is a cash cow and you will end up spending alot of money when you go to the resort. However, what resort is not expensive?

They do have a great breakfast buffet at the South Seas Restaurant by the beach. I do not remember if that was included or not. I also LOVED their pool!

What about promos?

They do their own in house promotional. You won’t find them on Metro Deals or anything like that. As of today, they are offering a four day, three night package for only 27,000 pesos or $578 US Dollars. That includes airport transfers, the breakfast buffet and three adventures while you are there. Pricy, yes but worth it for the loaded traveler, I assume!

If you want to get married at the Sheridan Palawan, you can do that too. It will only cost about P100,000. The good news is that includes 30 kilos of Lechon. 🙂

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