Sina PJ Fales is a backpacker’s haven!

One of my favorite places to stay in Samoa is called Sina PJ Fales in the village of Tafitoala on the south coast of Samoa’s main island. It is not just cheap but some of the best Samoan hospitality I have seen anywhere in the country.

It was more like the feeling of a homestay than a hostel but that is what was so cool. The family running is treats everyone like family and they are some of the most welcoming people that I have met in all my travels. Extremely friendly people.

Tafitoala is a black sand beach and I know that will turn some people away for other places like the Maninoa Surf Fales but I didn’t mind that because the hospitality makes up for it. The other thing is you are at the heart of the village and that means you have to be somewhat sensitive to their rules. For example, on Sundays you have to be very quiet and no surfing. (No surfing rule is basically Samoa wide on Sundays)

Sina PJ fale inside

I loved the hospitality

I was just coming out there to see a friend and made sure he found the place. The owners insisted that I have some breakfast while I was there. After refusing it twice, I gave up and had breakfast with plans to give them some money for it. After all, I had not eaten yet.

The only problem was they refusing the money I offered. They saw the breakfast as their cultural duty as hospitable Samoans. This is just the nature of how they run the Sina PJ Fales business too.

They try and give you a true Samoan cultural experience in a village. They are at the end of the road so when you go anywhere, you are inside the village of Tafitoala. Yes, there are some cultural norms but they will make sure you know what to do when you arrive. This is not unique to Tafitoala but the same is true in every village in Samoa.

The surfers will happy to know they can paddle out to the breaks from the Tafitoala beach. I am not a surfer (my friend was) so I did not try it myself.

Sina PJ food

The food is amazing!

The food is not your throw in the microwave type stuff. It is Samoan food made the traditional Samoan way! Most of the food is made by the Samoan Umu (earth oven) or over open fire!

Every morning they will have breakfast ready for you that will include tea, bread, and fresh fruit. They made me scrambled eggs each morning as well. Samoa has some of the best baked bread I have had anywhere in the world too!

In the evening, they will provide you another amazing meal. It will be a traditional Samoan dinner that was prepared in the same way that the people of the land have cooked for centuries. It brings a whole new element of having “home cooked meals.” Cooked by hot rocks, coconuts and open fire!

I am a food junkie. I love to eat. I have to say that people at Sina PJ Fales is some of the best cooking I had while I was in Samoa.



What are the current rates for Sina PJ Fales?

The following is from a Facebook message that I received from them on August 22, 2016 (today)

The rates are 100 tala per person per night in a powered with fan beach fala This includes breakfast and dinner.

This is not a bad price if you ask me. It is basically $40 a night but that includes breakfast and dinner. They will probably feed you lunch as well. That is just the hospitality that I experienced there.

They do not have a website but here is their Facebook page.

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