Smoky Mountains and the way of life!

One thing I love about the Smoky Mountains in the farm cabin that people in this part of the country have lived in for hundreds of years. They have passed the tradition from one generation to the next.

The simplicity of life here is very contrast to that that I was raised in urban city, Missouri. We always had family in the farms but it was only for visits. However, farm life in Missouri and mountaineer life in the Smoky Mountains is very different even.

Are they completely backwards? Not at all. In those cabins is high speed internet, cable television and Playstation 4 systems. They just do not like us city folks is all!

great smoky mountainsGreat Smoky Mountains National Park

If you go about an hour outside Knoxville, Tennessee; you are at the main gate to the most visited national park in the United States. Alot of people come to the Smoky Mountains park for a few days and it is quite the amazing place to put it lightly.

I use to come up there alot when I lived in Cleveland, Tennessee for a weekend. It is quite refreshing and reminded me of what life in the late 1800’s was like.

iphone3Getting the shot!

I used a iPhone 3G back then to get the image. It was not an HDR image. However, a little time in Lightroom and I had three exposures to work with.

From there, it was off to Photomatix Pro 5 and making it work. I like the contrast into this image (as I do often times) to make it really stand out from the back. It was not perfect but it works.

I really liked the the way the trees colored out against the cabin. It is very colorful and quite amazing if you ask me.

I hope you like it too. Below is another shot from that day 🙂

Tree in Smoky Mountain National Park

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