Smuggler’s Cove Beach Resort for Backpackers?

The best thing going in New Town Nadi is the Smuggler’s Cove Beach Resort. This is the hotel that owns Horizon Beach Backpackers.  They are pretty the epic-center of the who strip there at Wailoaloa Beach. It is not the Sheridan but they it is a legit hotel for sure.

It is the place that has a full blown restaurant, bar and it has big ass TV. The only problem is when there is a Rugby Union game the same time as an NFL game. The Americans and the Australians will bitch that they are not watching the other. Sadly, normally the rugby wins for viewing. I would rather the NFL for sure.

Smuggler’s Cove Beach Resort is a little pricy in the restaurant. I remember most things being in the $10 (USD) range and they were telling the backpackers to go to Horizon Beach Backpackers if they want the budget. I do remember the prices being pretty high but I do not them what they were.

I do remember the food was very good and it was prepared by what seemed to be a educated chef. It was not the normal “cook” taste that I am use to around Fiji.

As far as prices of staying at Smuggler’s Cove Beach Resort, you can plan for about $195 FJD or $92 a night. They do have some upscale dorms as well for about $50 FJD ($23) Not sure it is worth it to be honest.

Smuggler’s Cove Beach is not for backpackers

Most of us would stay at Horizon and just come over and use the beach and their amazing view from the pool. It was really nice but we could do everything we want at Smuggler’s Cove, save the money by staying the night at the cheaper place, and still have some cash at the end of the week.

They do have cultural shows often like the Fire Knife dancers from Samoa. They are really cool to watch.

Bottom line: Smuggler’s Cove Beach Resort is for tourist, not backpackers!



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