The Sony A99 II changed my mind

I have been a Nikon shooter for many years, over 15 years in fact, but the release of the Sony A99 II changed me and I am switching to Sony DSLR system as a result.

I would say that the change is partly due to Sony really stepping up their game in the A mount system and partly because Nikon was just dumb at Photokina. I still can’t believe that Nikon showed up with nothing but the Nikon Keymission 360 at the biggest tradeshow.

The other major factor was the Sony is serious about the DSLR and proved it with the Sony A99 II. It really spoke volumes to me.

photokinaNikon really dropped the ball

I, like thousands of others, expected to see the Nikon D850 to replace the Nikon D810 landscape camera. We also expected the Nikon D7300 to replace the Nikon D7200. We got neither.

I need the Nikon D850 and it just was not released for some odd reason. Everyone expected it and we were all disappointed.

The bigger problem is the release schedule of Nikon DSLR has been all over the place the last few years and that is problematic for professional photographers.  It took them four years to update the Nikon D300s to the Nikon D500 for example.

Without the Nikon D850 released, it is making alot of people to look elsewhere for a high quality landscape camera. The image quality of the Nikon system might very well be best in class but their release schedule is not best in class for sure.

For me personally, it makes me re-consider the Sony A-mount cameras, especially with this big release at Photokina that just blew everyone away.


Why I am so interested in the Sony A99 II

It seems to be everything we wanted in the Nikon D850. It also has some very cool video features (which is a weakness in Nikon terms). As least there is a major issue with something like the dynamic range; this will be one kick ass camera. In fact, I am planning to pre-order the Sony A99 II very soon.

I mainly want it for doing HDR Photography and landscape work. It has the specs to really do that, for sure.

I also need a camera that I can do some quality video work with when I need it. It shoots 4k footage without cropping, records at 100 bits per second, up 120 frames per second in video and does zebra recording. That is quite the video beast.

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