Updated : Jun 07, 2016 in Food of America

Spaghetti Warehouse in downtown Tulsa has amazing meatballs!

On the edge of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma is an amazing pasta house known as Spaghetti Warehouse. Just ask anyone where it is. If they do not know, just ask about the Brady Arts District. That is where it is. You shouldn’t have problems, it is well known downtown among the people of Tulsa.

They have an amazing 15 layer plate of lasagna (Yes, I have tried it!) for $12.85. You might think that is alot of money and it kinda is, but it is freaking 15 layers! It is the biggest piece of pasta I have ever seen in my life!

If you can afford it, I would spend the extra for it without reservation!

What else do they have?

Spaghetti Warehouse pasta

Well, they have lots of spaghetti and other types of pastas. Most plates will set you back around between $9 and $12. This is a more sit down and enjoy your dining experience type place than some other pasta places around Tulsa.

They do have a spaghetti day from time to time that will get you a big plate of it prepared by a chef for around $6. Of course, you get soft dough bread with it as you would expect and a side salad.

Spaghetti Warehouse has cool trolleys

spaghetti warehouse
spaghetti warehouse has a dining car that is a former trolley.

One of the things about the restaurants is they have converted real trolleys from yesteryear into dining areas. They do make an unique experience.

They are very popular for dates and spending time with someone special. If you want to use the trolley, make sure you get there early as people want to use it first. I believe it is a first come, first serve status as well.

I am not sure the history of the trolley car in the Spaghetti Warehouse in downtown Tulsa. Some of the cars were actual trolleys that was used in the city a century ago.