Fales in Samoa are awesome!

One of the most amazing things about visiting Samoa is the beach fales that you can stay in for cheap. This is especially true on the South Coast of the main land and the bigger island, Savaii.  Read more

Samoan beach fales are amazing!

I have traveled the world but I have to say that sleeping in beach fales on my Samoa holidays is probably some of the best sleep I ever got. It is not five star resort hospitality and it is natural and very comfortable. Read more

Sina PJ Fales is a backpacker’s haven!

One of my favorite places to stay in Samoa is called Sina PJ Fales in the village of Tafitoala on the south coast of Samoa’s main island. It is not just cheap but some of the best Samoan hospitality I have seen anywhere in the country. Read more

Surfing Holidays in Samoa!

I am not much of a surfer. I have tried but failed badly. However, I have been around a lot of people on their surfing holidays. I just wanted to give this disclaimer as someone that is close but not as an actual surfer. Read more

A Backpacker’s guide to (Western) Samoa : Traveling in Paradise on the cheap!

If you are thinking of being a backpacker in Samoa, you will have a blast. It is everything that someone would want. It is rough. It is undeveloped. The people are friendly. It can be cheap. I have been to the country at least a half dozen times. Well, at least enough the Immigration office knew me on a first name basis.  Read more