Fagatogo Market in American Samoa

The Fagatogo Market is a brand new market that was built with government funds under President George W. Bush. It was officially opened a few years ago but has never really been used for some reason. It is also a point of frustration for some local American Samoans. It was over budget and scaled way down from the original plans. Read more

Taking the bus in American Samoa


If you are visiting American Samoa, the reality is you will probably need to take the local bus while on island. It is not as bad as it sounds to be honest. Riding the bus in American Samoa in different is every way. It just is not like we think of public transportation in America. Read more


Taking the public bus in American Samoa

If you do not own a car or rent one, you will need to use the public bus in American Samoa. This is doable but there are some serious limitations that you will need to know about. I used the buses many times and if you know where you are going and what time of the day it is, it works out pretty well. Read more