DigitalRev is dead : The future for Kai Wong

DigitalRev, the popular photography channel out of Hong Kong has lost Kai Wong, Lok Cheung, and Alamby Leung. You might not realize this but this make the most popular photography channel on Youtube basically dead. Read more


The Sony A99 II changed my mind

I have been a Nikon shooter for many years, over 15 years in fact, but the release of the Sony A99 II changed me and I am switching to Sony DSLR system as a result. Read more


Sony A77 is very interesting to me!

I have become very interested in the Sony A77. I will be buying one soon. I just want to discuss with you why I am choosing the A77 and not the mirrorless Sony A6300 or even the Sony A77 II. Read more


Ted Forbes, people do care (and pay)

I recently saw a video from Ted Forbes (Art of Photography) that people do not care about photography. I disagree. Read more