Surf Fiji: Where to head for surf

Let say out the gate that I am not a surfer. I did have the opportunity to meet and chill with some amazing guys that were. I also was able to help them get around the country as I know the way things work here. I also know the lesser known ways to travel like taking ferries and private boats.

Surfing, like many things connected to tourism in Fiji, is at a crossroads. The government loves the money they are getting thrown at them because of it but they are not really fans of it, either. They only see the tourism as their piggy bank. This has and will continue to be a problem into the future.

Here is an article about locals coming out with machetes to surfers, only to defended by the government. It is not a huge concern but it is something to consider when we are talking about the surf fiji community.

surf-fiji-kadavuKadavu is the better option

Alot of people want to go to Cloud 9 off Nadi and I understand that it is quite amazing. However, from what the surfers told me; it is quite commercial these days. This is probably due to the championship they have had there over the years.

The guys asked me to help them to Kadavu where they heard there was some breaks but few make it there. I was more than happy to help them get out there but I have to say it was one huge adventure, even for me. Click here for that story. 

They loved the place and spend the days surfing on the breaks and the evening drinking kava with the local Fijians in the villages. It was great from what I was told (I came back the second day). They did have the breaks to themselves.

kadavau-birdwatchingHow to get to Kadavu to surf Fiji

There is air service from Fiji Airway’s Fiji Link from both Nadi and Suva. I have not used it so I can not write about the service. I also know that American airline Inter Island Airways is trying to launch services in Fiji and Kadavu is on that list of airports to service. Flights are $138 each way.

We went by the old ferry out and I came back by the Goundar Shipping ferry. This one is much nicer and about the same price. It was an overnight ferry out to Kadavu. We stopped in Vunisea first then went on to Kavala Bay. This is where you would be going.

After that, you would need to find where you are staying and all that. However, plan to be in Kadavu to surf Fiji for about a week as ferries are weekly.

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