Surfing Holidays in Samoa!

I am not much of a surfer. I have tried but failed badly. However, I have been around a lot of people on their surfing holidays. I just wanted to give this disclaimer as someone that is close but not as an actual surfer.

It was on a trip to Siargao Island in the Philippines that I tried to pretend to be a surfer. It was fine to try but I am no Kelly Slater. Nowhere close. I think the surfers there were having a good laugh at me trying more than anything else.

So while I was in Samoa, I did not try it again but I end up around the surfers as they ended up at alot of the same places as I did. Same hostels, same restaurants, etc. I also ended up staying at Maninoa Surf Fales for a weekend.

Samoa surfingSurfing Holidays is popular in Samoa

The first thing I noticed is the amount of surfers that are coming to Samoa. I think about every flight I have taken to Samoa, I have seen several surf boards unloaded from the plane. It is a growing presence in the country. They love the breaks on the south coast of Upolu.

There is surf camps popping up all along the south coast and they are also coming together in Savaii. It is not overcrowded because the surfing breaks are quite large and there is several of them. According to the surfers I talked to, Samoa is suppose to be some of the best surf in the Pacific. Of course that would be open to discussion as an opinion.

What I see is the building of a surfer community happening in Samoa and that is good for the surfers but also good for the people of Samoa. A steady group of people coming and going benefits the local because people have to eat at restaurants, buy drinks at shops, and ride buses to where they are going.

samoa surfer resting

Where to stay for your Samoa Holidays?

I have been to two of the beach fales that specialize in serving the surfing community. I also had lunch at a third one but do not know much about them as far as staying there.

As I said, I have stayed at the Maninoa Surf Fales (click for my review)  for a weekend and I have stayed at Sina PJ Fales in Tafitoala. The third place (that I only eaten) was Salani Surf Resort. It looked very nice and much more upscale though.

While Maninoa Surf fales has an amazing location; I would have to recommend Sina PJ Fales if asked. The service offered by them is just amazing and the food is great. They are also in a village so you can really feel what being in Samoa is like. The only downside to being in Tafitoala is the beach is black sand, not white.

I can’t tell you much about Salani besides their food which was great as well as greatly overpriced too. I also know they do not have their prices anywhere and will only work with three travel agencies for booking. It would be hard to say much positive or negative about them since so much is done secretively.

I found this GoPro video on Youtube about Samoa surfing holidays.

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