Taco Bueno is amazing Tex Mex!

One of my favorite stops when I was in Tulsa was this place called Taco Bueno. I am sorry but I am not much of a Taco Bell guy. I loved the quality of their food and it was always fresh. The price was right and I was hungry.

The other great thing about them is they are everywhere in the Tulsa area. It seems like about once a mile, there is another one of their resturants. At one point, I lived across the street from one of them. I eat too many tacos when I did that. I love them.

What Taco Bueno has

They remind me more of a Taco Johns back in Missouri than they do of Taco Bell to be honest. It is a great place that you come in, have amazing food, and go. It is not a place to come for fine dining. Just some fast food in the Tex-mex tradition. Tacos, Burritos, and everything else you would expect!

One thing I enjoy about Taco Bueno is the $5 platter. It is a taco, soft taco, Mexican rice, chip and a drink. That is enough to be a decent meal when you are running low on money.

If you are not looking for tacos, you can check out their new Fajita Platter.  It cost about $7 which is much cheaper that it would be if you go to Chili’s. Let’s be honest.

If you are in Tulsa, make sure you try it out at one of the over twenty five restaurants.

The light is on for you, too

One of the good things is they are open both early and late for you. They have the grill fired up by six in the morning and they are still grilling well after one in the morning the next morning for all the night owls (like myself).

When I was going to school, a stop for some tacos on the way home was just what the doctor ordered. I will take Taco Bueno over McDonalds anyday. Sorry, Ronald.

Have you tried the restaurant and if so, what did you have?

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