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Finding Tacos in American Samoa

I came across an article about a DIY Taco Crawl in Florida so what would be the tacos crawl of American Samoa? Let’s take a look.

If you like Mexican food and you happen to be in American Samoa, your options will be somewhat limited to tacos. However, there are some options that I know of.

If you are looking for real Mexican food and you are on island, you will be sad to know that only tacos are your option. This could be subject to change as American Samoans move home from time to time and open restaurants. Something could have popped up since I left the island. It is worth asking someone living on island for the latest.

All in all, good food on island is quite lacking unless it is Samoan food or low quality BBQ.

Where can I find tacos in American Samoa?

The first place I know is a take out located at Evalani Hotel. I will warn you that it is a very seedy bar and that it is owned by a former American Samoa prostitute in Vegas. However, the food is pretty good and they have 5 tacos for $5. After all, you are there for the food, not the other stuff, right? I would only recommend this as an option during the daytime.

The second option is much more professional. It is at Carl’s Jr (or Hardee’s) on the east side of the island. They have a combo of tacos, rice and a bottomless drink for around $5-6. It is done just like you would expect at any Carl’s Jr restaurant in the world. They also have alot of plugins and free wifi if you need to take a few hours and work online. Many go there to do that.

A third option that I remember (but not many details) is a take away by the old “mall” downtown across the parking lot from the Congressional building (they call it Fono). I do not remember much beside they have tacos there and they were about the same price as the others if I remember right?

I did find the menu of Evalani’s Hotel here.

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