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Travel America : American Samoa – A Backpackers guide

Alot of Americans dream about doing a tour of travel America. It is a goal for many to visit their own country. One place that very few actually make it is American Samoa in the South Pacific. There is reasons for this. One of them being the distance (it is closer to Australia than California) and another is the cost of flights from the mainland.

However, those who do have the time and the money to come have an experience unlike anything they will have anywhere in America. It is about an tropic as you can get. It is truly a trip to the South Seas while still having the luxuries of America at your fingertips.

My time in American Samoa completed my travel to every state and territory in the Union. Well, besides places like Midway Island and Johnson Atoll. I didn’t go to the little islands with no one on them.

Samoan culture 2Travel America: American Samoa is quite the trip

I would recommend spending a few days in American Samoa and then a few days in (Western) Samoa. If you can do that, I would suggest spending some time at the beach, some time at cultural shows, go to the National Park of American Samoa, and try and catch some American Samoa football. They live for the game that Troy Polamalu called their “meal ticket.”

The best beaches on Tutuila, American Samoa’s main island are on the eastern side. They are out past the tuna cannery ran by Starkist. One of the better ones is in Sailele on the backside of the island. You have to drive over the mountain to get there.

The National Park of American Samoa is also on the eastern side of the island. I would try and get a local to travel with you to the park that know the place very well. If all else fails, National Parks Service has programs in place locally to help you have a great time.

While on island, you will probably have to travel to the west side of the island to eat and shop. Most development is there. It is where the restaurants are mostly and most of the decent hotels are also on the western side of the island.

Disclaimer: I lived in both Nuuuli on the western side and in Sailele on the eastern side as well as Pago Pago downtown.


Where to stay and getting around?

I would suggest staying on the western side of the island. There are a few great options. The best of them being Tradewinds Hotel. It is the only real hotel in American Samoa. It is would be like a Holiday Inn in the mainland. I believe the prices starting at around $70 a night.

There are some cheaper options in small hotels and inn close by there. I do not know the prices for each of them. It would take some research. You could also look at Sadie Thompson Inn downtown. I have heard some good things about it.

Getting around in American Samoa can be a challenge. There is buses from about 6am to about 5pm. They just cruise around and you will grab one. The fare is normally $1 or $2 depending how far the trip is. Most times, it would be a dollar though. Be forewarned that NO public transportation runs on Sundays. Most businesses are closed as well.

Enjoy your Travel America: American Samoa trip.
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