Why I support Donald Trump and stand against Rodrigo Duterte!

Last night, I was is a discussion that I really did not want to have. It was with another blogger that doesn’t like the fact I am support the “pussy grabber.” (Never mind all the cases of Democrat and sexual harassment in offices!) He thought it was hypocritical of me to be a Trump supporter and a traveler. I do not see that one has anything to do with the other.

To be blunt, I voted for Donald Trump because I believe that more living conservatives can beat more dead people voting for Hillary! Joking aside, I have voted Republican in every Presidential election since 2000. As a Pentecostal, I just can’t support the platform of the Democrats.

I understand that being a blogger as a conservative is not the norm. Many bloggers are very liberal and I do not focus on that element of my life normally because it can be divisive. I also believe the a person’s voting pattern is really a personal matter.

There are many thing that bother me about Donald Trump, one of them being that is a sexual predator that preyed on women half his age. However, what he does in his private life is not what I am electing him for. I am electing him for his ability to lead, not be a role model. We are voting for the Commander in Chief, not General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God.

Why don’t give Duterte the same grace?

The discussion turned to the genocide on the streets in the Philippines (where I live) and that there is over 14,000 people died since June. Political differences is one thing, genocide is another. I have been very vocal on where I stand on this phony “drug war” by Duterte and his cronies.

In the same way that I hounded Hillary Clinton for the murders of Americans in Libya, I must stand where I believe when it comes to over 14,000 people are died. The real number is unknown and the amount of people affected is easily a million. (Every person killed has siblings, parents and sometimes their own families)

If Donald Trump told the local police to kill anyone they “think” has a drug addiction and he will stand up for them; I would be just as vocal against it. It is not something that a Republic stands for. It is closer to the Kymer Rouge than a Constitutional Republic!

This is not to mention that what protections that Americans did have in the Philippines is slowly disappearing. Could we become the next targets of the Police when they run out of poor kids smoking weed? It might sound far flung but they are going to need a new group to go after at some point. Mind you, President Duterte wanted to give the Commission on Human Rights $20 a year to operate. Thankfully, some actors stepped in and gave them funds. Human rights do matter! 

My political differences with the President aside (not much into commies to be honest), I would not say much if it was not resulting in thousands of people being killed for no reason. That is where I draw the line!

Do I have an ax to grind with the Filipinos?

Not really. I have visited dozens of countries. I have been to Japan but never had a problem with the Prime Minister. I have been to the Holy Land many times and I love Benjamin Netanyahu! The same is true when my time in Nigeria, Kenya, and Mexico to name a few. I was there to be a tourist, not be a revolutionary. 

With the Philippines, it is a special case. I have some very strong views on how the government is running the country and every decision that they made affects me. When they change a rule, I have to also change what I am doing accordingly.

When I move back to the United States, will my view on the Filipino change to a degree? No question about it. I won’t be affected directly so it is much easier to have mercy for them. I do not feel as passionate about Palestine because I am not there. I am thousands of miles away.

This is partly why I have pulled dozens of articles on the Philippines. The security breakdown is very real and I am going through each one by one to make sure they include what is currently happening. The days of safe, hospitable Philippines has been slowly disappearing since 2010.

But…are we just guests?

If you are coming to the Philippines for a month or less, you are a tourist and a guest in the country (different discussion) and you trying to having a discussion about the serial killings being carried out by the Police is not smart. There is much more to it than what CNN is reporting.

Once you are here into the third month, you become a resident which is different than a tourist. At that point, living with rosy glasses on is foolish. It is dumb on many levels. I completely reject the idea that just being born somewhere else makes us life long guests. (I realize the government needs to get its shit together about this legally)

While there is no real protection to us and we could all be told to get out tomorrow, we need to be prepared for the worst when you have a President that goes out of his way to piss off international leaders. We forget that this is the guy that told a sitting US President that his mother was a whore.

I do not check my political convictions at the border of the United States. If I stand for something in Missouri, I am going to stand for it in the Philippines. If I against Palestine in the Gaza Strip when I am in Oklahoma; I am going to be against it when I am in Tel Aviv. Locations does not determine my convictions. 

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