Trey Ratliff is out of touch!

Trey Ratliff is a photographer with a pretty popular blog. He also has made it quite clear that he is a businessman. He sees photography is enterprise which I do not have much of an issue with. However, there is one detail that is really a problem.

He is completely out of touch with photographers and the larger photography community. It is one thing to run a photography business, have workshops, and even sell tutorials. (Our tutorials are FREE!) It is another to price the workshops, programs, and guides out of reach for the average struggling photographer that needs them.

It seems that Trey has forgotten that the profile of a photographer is someone using an entry level Nikon 3200, kit lens an probably stole Photoshop from Pirate Bay.

There is a better model!

In fact, he has tried it out, already. It makes much more sense to get sponsors for these events like he did for the photowalk across America. Corporate sponsorship could enable many of these growing photographers that have a hunger to learn but lack the thousands of dollars to pay for workshops.

Instead of having a $6,000 price tag on a four day workshop in Queentown, New Zealand, get some corporate groups to help bankroll it in exchange for the opportunity to promote their offerings. Benro could be one of them and come with their tripos so photographers could get a hands on feel for using them. It would give them bran advancement and give the young photographers the ability to know why some tripos are so expensive.

Another option I could see is a sliding scale which would include a registry fee and sponsorship to offset the cost of the workshop.

This is not just a Trey Ratliff problem!

Before someone tells me I am picking on him, I am not. I love his work and I check out his blog every few days. We have followed each other on Twitter for years. I even met him and had coffee once at a Nikon event.

He is far from the only one trying the whole workshop way of making money with photography. Matt Granger and Jason Lanier are actually even worse about this issue. Lanier won’t help you at all without being paid for it.

What I am trying to say here is we need to make photography more about community an less about business. I realize everyone has bills to pay but we need to find a better model that does not screw the young, hungry but broke photographer. We was once that guy.

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