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The truth about the El Nido package deals

Are you thinking about doing one of those El Nido package? You know that all in tours that are multiple thousand pesos? I do not think you should and that is what this article is all about. Let me be very clear: the El Nido package deals are complete rip offs.

I am a white guy and an American. You would think I would just be throwing down the Mastercard and say “take my money.” Hardly. I do not see a need to be ripped off by some tour operator that is probably owned by another white guy using his girlfriend as a front for the business!

The reality of El Nido package deals: do your research

If you just spend a little time on Google, Youtube, and Facebook; you can find out how to do everything they will tell you to do and do it for about half the price. In reality, they are not giving you a better deal. This is not a value meal at McDonalds we are talking. Just remember, they are making a cut or they wouldn’t do it.

I have went to El Nido and did everything on their list of things to do for less than $100 and I was there for five days. The package deal was only for four and double the price.

Doing it yourself is better

With the amount of blogs, vlogs, and testimonies on the internet from Filipinos and tourist alike; there is no reason to pay people to do the easy work. A hour online can save you thousands of pesos. As I said, El Nido package deals are seriously over rated.

If you want, just get a cheap flight to Puerto Princesa, get a bus for P300 to El Nido, a cheap room for P300 a night and get whatever package you want to do. You just saved a bunch and no, I am not that Geico gecko.

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