Trying out Auto- HDR on Sony A5000

I recently got a Sony A5000 and the Sony 16-50mm power zoom. In the setting, there is a Auto-HDR setting and I wanted to try it out. It is not the power of doing it myself but anyways.

According to Sony, it is defined as,

Widens the range (gradation) so that you can record from bright parts to dark parts with correct brightness (HDR: High Dynamic Range). One image with proper exposure and one overlaid image are recorded.

I have not played with it too much. I believe that you can make the shots at +/-2 or even more. I have not messed with this too much at this point. (I still like having full control to be honest.)

Who is Sony’s Auto HDR for?

This is really good for someone just learning photography and trying to get the basics down like composite. It takes a lot of the harder to figure out (the math of photography) out of their hands so they can focus on getting the shot.

The little I used it, I wish it gave me the three shots and the final image; not just the final image but again, this is for beginners who don’t know Photoshop.

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